Oblita Therapeutics bvba, Belgium

Oblita Therapeutics, located in Belgium, is a global health research & development company dedicated to the development of new or improved affordable medicines for the treatment of neglected (tropical) diseases in the world. Her mission is to close current therapeutic gaps and improve the quality of life of those suffering from neglected diseases.
Oblita started its activities as a new start-up in March 2016, taking over the R&D department of Dafra Pharma International, including all IP, data, know-how and contracts.

Oblita will be responsible for the sourcing of the API (including stability studies). She will also coordinate the dissemination and communication activities within the consortium. Important valorisation exercise is the preparation of the regulatory files, because without registration at a stringent authority there can never be a market introduction nor reach out to the patients. Valorisation of the project will only happen when co-investors step into Oblita Therapeutics. Therefor the search for investors will be part of the project.

Team member

Mrs Caroline Jansen is Oblita Therapeutics’ founder and managing director. She has a background of 15 years in public/political affairs (federal/Belgian government, European parliament and Flemish Government) and obtained a MA in Political Science at the Catholic University of Leuven. She then specialized in International Diplomacy and Management at Stellenbosch University (South-Africa) and obtained several management certificates afterwards (in private sector as well as public sector management). She used to work for different parliaments (Belgian and European). She was an advisor for the Prime Minister of Belgium and for the Belgian Minister of Economics, Foreign Trade, Energy and Science Policy. She continued her career in advising on public affairs within the pharmaceutical industry. Her background also includes working in the Lobby industry (the largest employer’s/entrepreneur’s organization in Belgium) as a Director of Services for Companies and as a Director of Lobby & Public Affairs.

She will be the work package leader of dissemination and exploitation activities and will drive the commercialisation/validation strategy. This will include patent management and strategy as well as regulatory matters. She will be the contact person for external investors.